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"For the fallen, the broken, and the empty."

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THE SUPERNATURAL GRAPHICS CHALLENGE  |  padaleckhi vs. kevinfreakingsolo
charlie bradbury + wings

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[ team free will ]

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sam and dean + mumford & sons » For Those Below
There will be healing,
but don’t force this boy to stand

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the sam winchester meme ★ [3/4] quotes
↪ “Look, I’m not saying it’s fun. I mean, to be honest with you, I kind of see it as the best-case scenario. I mean, at least all my crazy’s under one umbrella, you know? I kind of know what I’m dealing with. A lot of people got it worse.” (7x09)

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A man who feared the light began to crawl to the surface and an angel who feared the dark began to dig down deep and two broken souls merged together and became whole again. Together they built a new home, one where the light is strong enough to fight away the tendrils of darkness that still reach out for the both of them.